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Whoosh! GASP Breezes into Children’s Museum

Updated: Feb 26

GASP Educates Families About Air Pollution at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

“WHOOSH! It’s All About Air” exhibit Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh March 19th, April 2nd, and May 28th (Saturdays) Noon-3 PM

WHOOSH! It’s all about air!

That’s what we’ve been saying at GASP for years. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh agrees, and is hosting a traveling exhibit exploring the qualities of air and air-related themes. 

Kids can test their own parachute designs, enter the Whirlwind Room for twisty blasts, or play with and learn from many other activities. 

GASP sends a giant THANK YOU to the Children’s Museum for allowing us to collaborate with them on this wonderful exhibit. 

GASP will explain the relationship between air and pollution as part of this exhibit through a variety of engaging activities, including a visit to the “LabAIRatory,” where kids can learn about pollution sources and how pollution moves through the air via hands on experimentation.

Other fun stuff:

  1. play a mix-and-match game identifying friends and foes of pollution;

  2. create a Clean Air message for local leaders;

  3. read about how the Magic School Bus crew retrofits its trusty yellow friend, or how Coco the Chameleon changes color in response to air advisory alerts.

One lucky winner will receive a family 4-pack of tickets to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The raffle for the tickets will occur at the March 30th event: Stories, Science, and Solutions, to be held at Chatham College from 5:30-9:00 PM (see our Calendar for more details).

Lara Nagle, GASP Intern

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