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Educating people of all ages about air quality is core to our mission here at GASP. We think it's important that residents understand what's in the air they breathe, how it affects their health, and how to take positive action to affect real change.

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Air Quality Education Resources for the Home or Classroom

GASP invites parents, caregivers, and educators to check out this list of resources, videos, and activities (below). The activities all use supplies that you probably already have on hand in your home or classroom.  For a list sorted by suggested grade level, click here. If you have any questions email Laura at

For more "Air Quality 101" info check out our fact sheets here - the fact sheets are mostly for older students or adults. They are easily printable if you'd like something to use for a resource table or education event.

Remember our Clean Air/AQ Education Kits? That program, in which educators could borrow self-contained activity kits from GASP for free, ran from 2019-2022 and was funded by the Allegheny County Clean Air Fund and a DEP Environmental Education grant. Over a thousand SWPA students enjoyed the activities, including using pig lungs to learn about the respiratory system, conducting air quality monitor experiments, and providing tools to turn a walk in the woods into a search for bio-indicators of clean air. While the program has technically wrapped up, we've condensed and simplified the kits to make it possible to continue to lend them out, especially when previous borrowers reach out. Kit pick-up from the office must be arranged in advance to make sure the kit is ready and someone is in the office to let you in. If you are interested, contact Laura at and ask about borrowing a kit.

This video, virtually presented at the 2022 PAEE conference, provides an overview of GASP's Air Quality Education Kit program and discusses how we adapted to shifting educational needs during the pandemic, including co-hosting outdoor events and partnering with puppeteers Dave English and Tarish "Jeghetto" Pipkins.


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Air Quality Monitoring Resources

Education Resources Sorted by Suggested Grade Level

Please note that some resources are repeated in multiple sections. Contact us if you'd like to discuss ways to adapt activities for other age groups or educational contexts (summer camps, classroom, virtual, etc).









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