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We need your support! Advocating for clean air is a community effort.

More Ways to Help

Elected officials need to hear from their constituents about how prioritizing clean air matters to us and is vital to our quality of life.

Not sure what to say? Here are some ideas:

  • How does air quality affect you personally? Do you have asthma? Does stinky air affect how you feel about your home or how you spend time outside? Have you had to invest in expensive home air filtration? Has air quality exacerbated health issues?

  • Our region experiences some of the worst air quality in the nation, which comes with increased risk of respiratory illnesses and cancer.

  • Is there a specific pollution source or pollutant that concerns you? How is it regulated? If you're not sure, we might be able to help - email

County Council & County Executive

In Allegheny County, county government is a powerful player in local air quality since the county Health Department (ACHD) is the local regulating agency. The Board of Health, a nine-member body appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by County Council, oversees ACHD.

State Legislature

Air quality policy is often legislated at the state level. Find your state legislators here.

House of Representatives

Federal policy can have wide-reaching impact on air quality, including the directives of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Find your congress members here.

Man Signing

Petitions can help bring attention to issues people care about, especially in combination with other efforts. We also highlight opportunities to submit public comments.

  • Conserve energy at home & work

  • Drive less when you can - carpool, walk/bike, use public transportation

  • Be a smart consumer - buy used and/or local

  • Reduce food waste and consider the impact of your food choices

  • Follow the rules for safe open burning

  • Buy green energy


Your donation helps GASP provide education and community engagement. It gives us the resources we need to tackle environmental justice issues, conduct research, and advocate for protective public health measures.

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