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GASP Mission Statement

The Group Against Smog and Pollution works to improve air quality to protect human, environmental, and economic health in Southwestern Pennsylvania.




GASP envisions a Southwestern Pennsylvania where the air we breathe supports human, environmental, and economic health and where:

  • Everyone in the Pittsburgh region, including residents in environmental justice communities, has healthy air to breathe every day.

  • People understand the health and environmental impacts related to air pollution and value clean air, holding policymakers accountable for regional air quality.

  • New economic development respects the preservation of air quality.

  • Regional businesses comply with up-to-date air quality permits and regulations, motivated by the certainty of swift, robust enforcement.




GASP believes clean air is essential to a healthy population, a healthy environment, and a healthy economy. We believe in the rule of law and holding polluters and regulators accountable for their actions.


We operate with scientific integrity, honesty, and measured judgment to ensure clean air for all.


Overarching Strategies to achieve our mission and vision:

  • Advocate in relevant forums: We use our expertise and influence to participate in local, state, and national environmental decisions pertaining to regional air quality.

  • Be a watchdog: We serve as an environmental watchdog that will advocate, mobilize action, and litigate when necessary to ensure regional polluters and regulators are held accountable.

  • Educate and Empower others: We provide accurate and thorough information to the public through our programs and initiatives and share know-how to empower citizens to actively participate in the decision-making process.

  • Build partnerships: We work in cooperation with like-minded individuals and groups to collect data, build synergies, and deliver greater impact.

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