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PHOTO/VIDEO GALLERY: Jeghetto’s Homecoming Puppet Show in Clairton Wows Children & Adults

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Clairton Park came alive Saturday with a unique blend of hip hop and puppetry thanks to Tarish “Jeghetto” Pipkins, an internationally renowned artist and puppeteer who performed a special homecoming show – one that thrilled both adults and children alike.

GASP was honored to sponsor the show, which featured puppets Pipkins crafted using mostly recycled materials. And those in attendance didn’t have to settle for a view from afar: Jeghetto climbed off the stage and walked through the audience to show off the creations and help folks understand how they worked.

But Pipkin’s puppets weren’t the only ones that wowed last weekend: GASP’s own Dirty Gertie the Poor Polluted Birdie (played by our friend Dave English, a local artist, educator, and puppeteer), flagged by one of our education specialists, was on hand to help those in attendance understand a little more about the importance of clean air.

PS: We want to extend a HUGE thank you to the fine folks at Hollowood Music in McKees Rocks, who graciously lent us the stage on which Jeghetto performed. Thanks, Hollowood Music!

If you missed it, here are some photos and video clips from the big day:

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