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At GASP, we run a variety of programs in different subjects so that we can work with the community to clean our air. 

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At GASP, we believe that knowledge is power so we put together this quick, plain-language guide to give a broad overview of what air pollution we grapple with locally and where they come from, how to report odor complaints and ways you can be an air quality changemaker in your community.

Clean Air FAQs

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GASP published a twice-yearly newsletter that kept members in the know about all things air quality. In 2019, we retired the Hotline and moved to a more environmentally friendly weekly e-newsletter called the GASP Alert. You can still check out the Hotline archive here.

GASP is “On the Air” with our podcast series! With a little bit of fun and a lot of guest speakers, On the Air with GASP will equip you with the tools you need to stay informed and actively engage in community issues.

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The clearinghouse is one of the easiest ways to see the major sources of air pollution in the area. Check out the map to see the major sources are near you.

Air Quality Forecast

Delivering public comments to regulators is a crucial component of what GASP does. When federal, state, or local changes to regulations are proposed, stakeholders generally have a window of time wherein they can submit comments and have the regulators read and respond to them. GASP delivers comments in person and in writing.

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