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Extraction is a three-part podcast that traces the history of the United States Steel Corporation, the world’s first billion-dollar company, from its founding in 1901 through today, presenting stories of people and places from which U.S. Steel has extracted natural resources and labor.

Through the "On the Air" podcast, GASP staff covered topics related to air quality with the help of guest speakers. Are you curious how your nose protects your body from air pollution? Confused about ground level ozone versus the ozone layer? How can educators play a role?

Storm Clouds


In her three-part podcast series, “Extraction,” Chie Togami explores the “world-historical connections between Pittsburgh, the U.S. Steel Corporation, and people and places around the world that have figured deeply into the legacy of this transnational corporation.” Togami is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pittsburgh and a member of GASP's board. The podcast is available audio-only (stream here or on Spotify) or with accompanying visuals.

Extraction: Episode 1, "Ore"
00:00 / 30:45
Extraction: Episode 2, "Steel"
00:00 / 45:06
Extraction: Episode 3, "Air"
00:00 / 36:39

'On the Air' Podcast

GASP is 'On the Air' with a podcast series! Our aim? To keep you up to date on the latest air quality issues in southwestern Pennsylvania. With a little bit of fun and a lot of guest speakers, On the Air with GASP will equip you with the tools you need to stay informed and actively engage in community issue.

Financial support for this podcast was provided by the Colcom Foundation.


Episode 1: The Nose Knows
00:00 / 31:47
Episode 2: Welcome to Ozone Season
00:00 / 27:28
Episode 3: On the Fenceline
00:00 / 36:59
Episode 4: Road to a Cleaner Future
00:00 / 31:43
Episode 5: Education and Air Quality
00:00 / 37:30
Episode 6: How the Cracker Plant in Beaver County Will Affect Environment
00:00 / 31:24
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