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The GASP Guide to At-Home Air Quality Educational Activities (Yes, They’re Fun, Too)

Updated: Feb 22

Here at GASP, we are doing our part to “flatten the curve” by practicing social distancing. Like so many other organizations, we have closed our office and asked our staffers to work from home to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

But while the coronavirus might have forced us to stay home, it won’t stop us from educating folks on issues related to air pollution and our local air quality – something we’ve been doing for more than 50 years.

While our education coordinator Chelsea would much rather be in the classroom, leading fun, interactive exercises to help kiddos better understand air quality issues, she did the next best thing: She adapted some of her most popular activities so they can be done at home using stuff you probably already have on hand.

GASP invites parents and caregivers to peruse our education page, which has printable step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions.

Check them out today and if you have any questions just email our education guru at

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