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Keeping an Eye on Coal

“Mapping Mortality,” the eight-day, multi-article series recently published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, made some waves in our region.

Looking at mortality rates from various illnesses related to air pollution, and the location of major, stationary sources of that pollution, the series gave fresh momentum to the fight for clean air.

GASP recently joined with PennFuture to petition EPA to reject the Pedal Pittsburgh Title V Operating Permit (TVOP) of GenOn’s Cheswick Power Station in Springdale, PA.  The TVOP has several notable issues which GASP and PennFuture raised.  For example, the permit does not include limits on mercury emissions.  Nor does the permit include all monitoring requirements necessary to ensure that the facility’s pollution control devices are operating effectively.  (Read our full petition here.)

The Sierra Club has now petitioned EPA to block GenOn’s Shawville Power Plant in Clearfield County for similar reasons.  Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article here, and check out our “Coal” Project page to stay informed on GASP’s work to keep trained eyes trained on the coal industry.

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