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Join GASP for Smoke Reading Tour Stop #2: Understanding Neville Island-Area Pollution Sources

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The term island living may invoke images of clear water, sun-splashed beaches, and warm, gentle breezes for some. Unfortunately, our friends on Neville Island (and surrounding areas - we’re looking at you Bellvue, Ben Avon, and McKees Rocks!) have reported very different conditions.

They’ve told us about noxious odors near Neville Chemical. They’ve told us about explosions at Metalico (and we all know about the high-profile fire back in 2021) and the smoky, stinky plumes that sometimes emanate from the metal recycling facility.

“It’s pretty crazy when you think about all the sources of air pollution in our small, island community,” GASP communications manager and longtime Neville Island resident Amanda Gillooly said. “Even the Allegheny County Health Department has noted that air pollution in the Neville Island airshed is a major concern.”

That’s why she hopes her neighbors - and anyone interested in learning more about hyperlocal air pollution issues - will join GASP at 10:30 a.m. Aug. 3 to get a crash course on Neville Island air pollution sources, how emissions can impact your family’s health, how to make effective air quality complaints, and how to evaluate industrial plumes with visible emissions observation aka smoke reading.

Some logistical details: We will meet at the Community Presbyterian Church of Ben Avon, 7501 Church Avenue, Ben Avon, PA, 15202 in the parking lot off of Rostrevor Place. We will then transport attendees to a nearby viewing location for some smoke reading.

Our friends at Allegheny County Clean Air Now will also be on hand to provide history, background information, and context.

Bring a clipboard, pen, and watch with a second hand if possible (your cell phone could work, too).

RSVP here. Questions? Email

Editor’s Note: Our first smoke reading stop was in Clairton. You can check that out here.

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