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It's Giving Season - Here's What a Donation to GASP Means...

Updated: Nov 21

Dear Fellow Breathers,

At GASP, we know that action is eloquence. So we won’t try to impress you with fancy prose because our work speaks for itself; work that helped drive real change here in southwestern Pennsylvania. For the past 54 years, we’ve taken a three-pronged approach to improving regional air quality, one that includes a mix of education, policy, and legal/watchdog work.

On the education front this year we:

On the policy front we:

In the legal/watchdog arena we:

The momentum is real, and we hope we can continue to depend on you to help us keep up the pace. To our longtime supporters: Thank you and please consider renewing your membership today. For those new to the GASP crew, please join us. Memberships start at just $50 – or an amount comfortable for you. Membership to GASP gets you weekly Alerts and invites to special events and our members give us standing to intervene in air pollution-related legal cases when necessary.

You can make a one-time or recurring donation by visiting

Note: Many employers (like Google and BNY Mellon) match employee donations to nonprofits like GASP so you could possibly double your impact just by reaching out to your human resources representative.



Executive Director Patrick Campbell & President Jonathan Nadle

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