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Coming for a Plume Near You: Join Us June 2 to Try Smoke Reading of Clairton Coke Works for Yourself

Updated: May 22, 2023

Did you know that many air quality regulations are based on plume opacity? In fact, Allegheny County Air Quality Program staff often attend what’s known as Smoke School to learn how to evaluate those plumes.

Good news: Now, you can become familiar with those skills, too, and make more meaningful air quality reports as a resident smoke reader.

Join GASP at 2 p.m. June 2 in Clairton to view and discuss emission plumes and become familiar with opacity and smoke reading.

To get folks prepared for the afternoon, we will also be holding a Zoom meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31, where GASP’s in-house Smoke Reader will provide some general background info, and share plume photos and need-to-know information for the upcoming tour.

We hope you can attend both events but one does not depend on the other.

Some logistical details: We will visit two locations but the meet-up will start in Clairton at the end of Shaw Avenue as it becomes Ridge Avenue. Caldwell Street intersects at this point as well. This area offers an elevated view of the Clairton Coke facility.

Please bring a clipboard, pen, and watch with a second hand if possible (or your phone could work, too).

PS: The links for the Zoom session and more info on the event will be provided after registration.

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