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Watchdog Report: ACHD Issues Notices of Violation, Fines Over Asbestos, Emissions Violations

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

The following is a summary of some of the lesser-known enforcement actions ACHD has taken so far in 2020:

Notice of Violation Letter Issued to BRP4 LLC, Level Line Building

ACHD on Feb. 12 issued a Notice of Violation letter to Wexford-based limited liability company BRP4 LLC for asbestos abatement violations stemming from the April 15, 2019 demolition of a commercial building in Wilkins Township.

According to the notice, BRB4 LLC failed to submit to ACHD an asbestos abatement survey conducted by a licensed inspector prior to the demolition as required.

The notice also alleged that the company failed to submit to ACHD and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a required demolition notification form and report within 10 days of the work commencing.

BRP4 LLC has until March 12 to appeal the order.

You can read the entire Notice of Violation letter here.

Notices of Violation Issued to Liberty Pultrusions

ACHD issued a notice of violation to West Mifflin-based Liberty Pultrusions on Feb. 3 and an amendment thereto Feb. 14 related to emissions testing the company conducted Oct. 15 and 16, 2019.

Article XXI regulations require that when facilities analyze their emissions for permitting and compliance — so-called “stack tests” — that these tests be conducted under maximum routine operating conditions. According to the company’s initial test report submitted to ACHD, the tests failed to meet this requirement.

Liberty Pultrusions responded to the Feb. 3 notice by acknowledging a test covering one of its production lines failed to meet the Article XXI standard but that a correctable calculation error was to blame for the second test appearing to be noncompliant. 

The Feb 14 amendment states that “(w)ithin 90 days of the date of the Feb. 3, 2020 Enforcement Order, Liberty Pultrusions shall conduct a formal stack test of Pultrusion Line 1 … under maximum routine operating conditions.”

For those who might not be familiar: Pultrusion is a process to manufacture fiber-reinforced composite products.

Servsteel, Inc. Fined $7.1K for Emissions & Other Violations, $650 of That Penalized Company for Being “Reluctant” to Fix Problems

The Allegheny County Health Department on March 4 issued an enforcement order against Servsteel, Inc. for emissions and other violations at its Morgan facility in South Fayette Township, assessing a $7,150 civil penalty.

The order and associated fine stem from a 2017 equipment breakdown that prompted odor complaints from the community. ACHD on Jan. 8 determined that new air pollution mitigation equipment the company brought online – a thermal oxidizer – was “successfully controlling emissions.”

The fine included:

  1. A $1,300 penalty for violating the terms of its installation permit

  2. A $3,500 penalty for odor emissions

  3. A $1,300 penalty for fugitive emissions

  4. A $400 penalty for failure to submit a report regarding the breakdown of emissions-control equipment

ACHD also fined the ServSteel a $650 penalty because of the ServSteel’s lack of cooperation, which is permitted by Article XXI.

The order noted that the company was “reluctant” to remedy the issue, and said Servsteel was “slow, took some corrective action but not all reasonable action.”

“Servsteel initially denied that they were the source of the odors and smoke observed by members of the public and ACHD observers,” according to the order.

The company has until April 3 to appeal the order.

You can read the entire order on ACHD’s website.

ACHD Issues Enforcement Order Against Urban Metro LLC Over Asbestos Violation

The Allegheny County Health Department on Feb. 23 issued an enforcement order against Lawrenceville-based Urban Metro, LLC. ACHD said the company failed to have an asbestos survey completed by a licensed contractor as required when it renovated a building located at 4805 Penn Ave. on Jan. 20.

The company has until March 14 to appeal the order.

You can read the entire order on the ACHD website. 

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