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WANTED: Your Dirty Furnace Filters (Yes, Really!)

Updated: Feb 26

Editor's Note: Our pals at ROCIS told us that they had an overwhelming response and that no more filters are needed at this time. THANK YOU to all who participated and reached out!

Friends, we wanted to let you know about an opportunity to get involved in a local research project aimed at understanding the indoor contaminants that make their way into our indoor spaces.

It’s SUPER SIMPLE to volunteer: All that’s needed are your dirty filters. 

Here’s what’s happening:

Our community partners at ROCIS are collaborating with Pitt's School of Public Health on a project to analyze the contents of dirty air filters used in furnaces, central air conditioners, portable air cleaners, or do-it-yourself fan filters.  

While ROCIS has been collecting filters from those who are participating in its low-cost air quality monitoring project, more are urgently needed for a batch being submitted for analysis ASAP.

That’s why we’re asking: Could you - would you? - do us a solid and check to see how your home’s furnace filter looks? If the answer is, “It’s kinda nasty” then we implore you to change the filter and send ‘em the old one (it’s just good practice to change them regularly - here’s why).

Editor’s Note: Questions? Contact Linda Wigginton of ROCIS at

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