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Students, Parents, Teachers: Everyone’s Excited About the School Flag Program

We had to share this testimonial from a teacher participating in our EPA School Flag Program at Colfax Elementary. (Click here to see their press from the launch of the program, which helps teach children about and raise awareness of air quality.)

Air Quality Colfax

“I wanted to pass along 2 pictures from Education Celebration last night. It’s an event that we have here in our school district where classes or grade levels can showcase things that they have been doing throughout the school year. Naturally, my decision to talk about our air quality project. I have 3 girls there to talk about the flag program and what they do each day to track the air quality. We also have all of our calendars from November until now so that the community could see the amount of green and yellow days that we have had. We have really embraced this project this year and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it. I had a lot of 4th-grade families stop by and the students were excited because it will be their project next year.

We have a banner too on our fence that describes each of the flag colors. Weather depending, I might get that up today. If not I will get it up on Monday. That will help promote the meaning of the flag to the people in the community. I actually had a woman last night get out her phone and call someone and say, ‘I’m hearing them talk about the flag!’ She was really excited which in turn got my students very excited.”

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