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Snapshot: Air Quality Education Kits a Hit at Sharpsburg After-School Program

Our air quality education kit was a hit with the kids at the Volunteers of America after-school program in Sharpsburg last month.

Our education guru Chelsea is often—and affectionately—referred to as The Pig Lung Lady. For those who may be unfamiliar: She uses the pig lungs to help teach students about how the respiratory system works.

The kit is one of three GASP is making available for FREE to schools in Allegheny County. The kits, made possible through an Allegheny County Clean Air Fund grant, can be used in the classroom, or at after-school programs or even in a summer camp setting.

They include fun, hands-on activities that help students in grades 4-8 understand air quality and health, environmental science and citizen monitoring, as well as air quality, energy and technology.

Sound like something you’d like your son or daughter to experience? Then let their teacher know they can borrow one, two, or all three kits completely free of charge. In addition to the instructional materials included with the kits, GASP’s education and events coordinator will conduct an Air Quality 101 presentation to each classroom borrowing the materials.

Want more info? No problem! You can read more here or email us at

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