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“Queen of the Sun” Bee Documentary in Town

Updated: Feb 27

Honey bees are an integral insect for our society, pollinating over 40 percent of our food system. But recent research is proving that honeybees are on the decline and need our help.

Honeybee colony collapse has wiped out nearly 5 million colonies in the U.S.  While not fully understood, it has been linked to many causes. Air pollution can destroy the scents that flowers emit, making it hard for bees to find their food. Pesticide and insecticide use and the importation of foreign bees with novel viruses are other causes.

"Queen of the Sun" is a newly released documentary describing this phenomenon, with screening release dates in different cities across the country beginning this month. 

The film will be featured in Pittsburgh from May 21-25 at the Melwood Screening Room of the Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Visit for more information about this issue, screening details, and how you can take action.

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