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Particulate Matter Affects Just About Everything

Updated: Feb 27

Particulate matter (PM) is making a strong showing in their latest links. While GASP doesn’t work directly on climate change issues, many of the pollutants we work to reduce have global warming effects.  Black carbon is at the core of PM and is recognized as a short-lived climate forcer (SLCF).

It has about a million times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide, and though short-lived, SLCFs currently have almost as much global warming impact as carbon dioxide. 

Click here to read how reducing PM can reduce the effects of climate change and why those concerned with global warming should work to cut diesel emissions.

Want more? 

Read here how PM affects different segments of the population differently.  The study reaffirms what most of us concerned about PM know already–children, older adults, those with preexisting diseases, the obese, and others. 

Want even more? 

A report (yet to be published) that links PM from urban traffic to negative mental effects is summarized here.

If you’re concerned as much as we are about particulate matter, please join GASP today and help us reduce this destructive pollutant.

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