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Minimizing Diesel Emissions on Campus Workshop

Title: Minimizing Diesel Emissions on Campus workshop Location: Chatham University, Beckwith Hall Description: Facilities Managers, Sustainability Coordinators, those in charge of capital projects, and other interested people can learn more about reducing diesel pollution on your college or workplace campus.

Learn more from experts at UPMC, the Allegheny County Health Department, Columbia University, GASP, and Clean Water Action, about: — PA’s diesel idling law and Allegheny County’s off-road idling law — Policies for minimizing diesel emissions from construction equipment to protect air quality — Pittsburgh’s Clean Air Act of 2010 — Potential Funding and more

The workshop is FREE Register by emailing or Start Time: 09:00 Date: 2011-09-22 End Time: 12:00

#CleanWaterAction #emissions #CleanConstruction #CleanAirAct #AlleghenyCountyHealthDepartment #dieselemissions #airquality

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