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How to Do Clean Air Self-Care This Internet Self-Care Day (Yep, Totally a Thing)

Self-care is defined as “caring for oneself through practices that promote health and active management of illness when it strikes.”

Did you know that TODAY is Internet Self-Care Day? (Yes, it’s really a thing).

This holiday of sorts is celebrated each Aug. 21 and is dedicated to encouraging folks to use the internet to find resources to help take care of themselves.

GASP is here to remind you on this glorious day that self-care is more than just making time for a facial or workout (although we are all in for those, too!) - it’s also about making healthy choices.

…like understanding local air quality, how it impacts your health, and how you can take action to mitigate your exposure when conditions are - or are expected to be - poor.

To help make your air-related self-care a little easier, we created this Air Quality Self-Care Checklist for you. Check it out and check 'em off as you complete them!

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