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HELP WANTED: Local Artist Seeks Residents to Weigh in on Odors, Experiences with Air Pollution for N

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Fellow breathers, your help is needed today at the intersection of art and air pollution. A local artist reached out to GASP to help get the word out about an upcoming art exhibition in Ohio.

Here’s what our friend Erin Mallea sent us:

I’m looking for folks to lend their expertise related to industrial and pollution smells in the region. I’m gathering information to help create perfumes that mimic regional pollution scents as part of an exhibition at the Cleveland Sculpture Center.
I also hope to use the perfumes to support clean-air education and advocacy.If you are interested in lending your expertise, please fill out this form. After gathering your smell descriptions (in addition to data compiled by SmellPGH), I will be working with a perfumer to create a few samples (it can take a few months).
At that point, I will need your help to smell samples and provide feedback so they can be more accurate. Perfume samples will be carcinogen free, sulfate free, paraben free, vegan and meet international health and safety standards (more specific information can be provided).Thanks and I’m looking forward to connecting with you! Please feel free to reach out.
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