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Amplify Project | Pittsburgh’s Pollution Problem (And How Expanded Public Transportation Can Help)

Updated: Feb 29

GASP this year launched a new initiative called The Amplify Project. Its goal? To help amplify the voices of folks in our community that need to be heard – like our young people and those who live in neighborhoods most impacted by air pollution and associated health risks.

We are thrilled to share with you the most recent project submitted to us: A video by two outstanding young women in our area, Tegan Lochner and Lily Jarosz.

Tegan is a Norwin High School alumna who is now in her freshman year at Penn State University, where she is studying landscape architecture. Lily is a senior at Norwin High School.

The video explains the importance of expanding public transportation in Allegheny County – both to air quality and environmental justice communities.

Check it out:

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