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Digital Toolkit Ready for Athletes

Air Pollution Speed Dating, Air Quality Jeopardy, and the AQI Playoffs are just a few of the many games and activities included in the Athletes United for Healthy Air Toolkit that can help students, their teachers, and their coaches learn about air quality in a fun and interactive way.  The toolkit was developed with funding provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and is distributed at no cost in order to make its information and activities available to anyone who can effectively use it.

In addition to hands-on activities and lesson plans, the toolkit includes additional resources such as Tips to Reduce Exposure to Air Pollution, a wealth of on-line resources, and a teacher tutorial.  To request your free toolkit (provided on a flash drive), and/or a presentation for your class, contact Sam Thomas at

Athletes United for Healthy Air is a new campaign launched by the Group Against Smog and Pollution to educate athletes of all kinds, from the casual runner to the elite cyclist, about our regional air pollution, ways to minimize personal exposure and champion air quality improvement efforts.

We’ve known for a long time that air pollution poses a greater risk to the health of children, asthmatics, and the elderly, but what about our most active, presumably healthiest citizens? Athletes of all kinds experience increased exposure to air pollution because they are processing air at a more rapid rate during outdoor physical activity than an individual at rest.

To learn more about GASP’s Athletes United for Healthy Air campaign click here.

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