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DEP Urges Residents to Recycle Household Goods & Clothing

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

GASP joins the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in reminding Pennsylvanians that they have opportunities all around them to curb pollution, and they can start by looking in their closets and around their homes.

Recycling unwanted and/or gently used clothing and items like furniture and other home goods is an effective strategy to curb pollution that would otherwise make its way into local landfills.

Which is an issue: DEP estimates that about 10 percent of municipal waste - or 500,000 tons - is made up of textiles, furniture, and other household goods.

DEP also wants to get the word out about a mobile application available to residents to help them better understand how to best recycle these household items.

Developed by the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center, the online exchange platform allows interested citizens, businesses, and public officials to post recycled items and materials for others who may be interested in acquiring them.

As the holiday season approaches, the department also reminded residents that secondhand and vintage shopping is an environmentally-conscious way to make an impact.

For more information on recycling programs in Pennsylvania, please visit:

Editor’s Note: You can read more about how fast fashion impacts air quality here. You can learn more about where to shop at local vintage and second-hand shops here.

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