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A Guide to Common Air Pollutants & Where They Come From

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Air quality is a complex issue with plenty of confusing terms and jargon. To help simplify things, our Fresh Voices for Clean Air participants crafted this awesome, plain-language guide to the most common air pollutants and where they come from. 

Check it out:

Don’t know about our Fresh Voices for Clean Air Program? It’s an innovative program that paired a small group of high school students from Allegheny County with a group of their peers in Birmingham, Ala., for a 10-month collaborative partnership.

Throughout 2021, the cohorts in each city regularly gathered via virtual meetings to participate in discussions with each other and guest speakers both to learn more about air quality and to build skills that will help them become more effective environmental advocates.

By the end of the program year, participants created, developed, and executed an air quality-related project of their own choosing, with the support of adult mentors in both Pittsburgh and Birmingham. This is one of them.

The partnership between air quality-focused non-profit organizations in Pittsburgh and Birmingham reflects our cities’ similar industrial and environmental history. A century ago, Birmingham was nicknamed the “Pittsburgh of the South.”

Both cities have experienced some of the worst air quality in the nation. Discovering and discussing the similarities and differences between experiences in these two regions will be a key component of the collaboration.

You can learn more about our Fresh Voices program here.

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