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With Council Vote Upcoming, GASP Stresses Importance of ‘Clean Construction’ Legislation

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

After months of advocacy, an important piece of legislation that will help bolster local air quality has just one more step to go before being enacted: A county council vote on June 9.

The “Clean Construction” ordinance introduced by Councilwoman Anita Prizio earlier this year was sent from the public works committee to the full council for consideration on May 20 – along with the recommendation that it be approved.

The legislation would require all county government construction projects costing $2.5 million or more to use diesel emission control strategies on construction vehicles, including the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. The guidelines require the use of the best available control technology (think diesel particulate filters) on all on-road vehicles and off-road equipment involved in those projects.

GASP has long-advocated for the legislation, playing a key role in the passage of the “Clean Construction” law passed by the city in 2016.

Diesel emissions are a significant source of harmful air pollutants like particulate matter that cause cancer and a host of other health risks. Additionally, black carbon found in diesel emissions affects climate.

“We’re hopeful this ordinance will be approved by Council because it’s a real, tangible way to help improve air quality at the local level,” GASP Executive Director Rachel Filippini said. “We encourage folks who’d like to see the ‘Clean Construction’ ordinance passed to contact their county councilperson and ask them to vote yes.”

You can find contact info for your county councilperson here. You can learn more about the dangers of diesel and the importance of this “Clean Construction” legislation below:

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