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U.S. Steel Fined for First Quarter Violations of 2019 & Failed Stack Test

Updated: Feb 29

This marks the fourth civil penalty levied against U.S. Steel since June of 2018, totaling more than $2.3 million. In addition, the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) levied a penalty of $5,750 for a failed stack test that occurred in 2017 and was resolved in late 2018 has been levied.

This latest group of fines is not related to the fire that occurred at the Coke Plant on December 24, 2018, or to ACHD’s motion to intervene in the citizen’s suit (Clean Air Council and PennEnvironment) that was filed against U.S. Steel seeking remedies related to the fire. These penalties are also separate from all other enforcement actions and legal matters issued against the Clairton Coke Works that are currently in the appeals process.

These matters include: • June 2018 enforcement order and a civil penalty of more than $1 million for the decrease in compliance • October 2018 civil penalty of $620,316 for 2nd quarter violations in 2018 • April 2019 civil penalty of $707,568 for 3rd and 4th quarter violations in 2018

Editor's Note: More information regarding ACHD’s legal matters with the Clairton Coke Works can be found here:

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