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Shop Buffalo Exchange in the South Side Flats to Support GASP

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Maybe you’re looking to add some sustainable style to your wardrobe, or maybe you’re looking to rehome some clothing that no longer fits your body or look – either way, Buffalo Exchange in the South Side flats has you covered.

Bonus: With every in-store purchase, you get the opportunity to support GASP and the clean air initiatives we spearhead.

That’s because the resale shop selected the Group Against Smog and Pollution to be the beneficiary of its Tokens for Bags program through June. Here’s how it works:

Instead of handing out plastic bags, Buffalo exchange offers shoppers a 5-cent token that they can donate to one of four nonprofit organizations – of which GASP is one. At the end of six months, the store sends the total amount to each non-profit for every token they received. 

Fun fact: Since the program’s creation in 1994, it’s helped raise more than $800,000 for thousands of nonprofit organizations and kept more than 16 million plastic bags from polluting the environment, to boot.

But being eco-conscious is on-brand for the company. A pioneer in resale fashion, Buffalo Exchange is a sustainable business that works to protect the environment by reusing and recycling clothing. Customers buy, sell and trade their items, giving them a second life, and reducing clothing pollution. 

“It’s been a challenging year for many nonprofits – the Group Against Smog and Pollution included,” GASP Executive Director Rachel Filippini said. “We are so grateful to our friends at Buffalo Exchange for thinking of us – every bit of financial support is greatly appreciated!”

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