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Ride Against Smog and Pollution on April 4

Updated: Feb 22

Air quality monitors on bicycles. It’s so cool that’s really all we need to say. But because that would make a very short blog post, I’ll elaborate. Our Bicycle Air Quality Monitoring Project puts data gathered by volunteers riding all around the city on an interactive map that you can use to help plan your next cycling route.

Want to participate?

On April 4, we’re holding a GASP RASP–a Ride Against Smog and Pollution. Volunteers will meet in the South Side and ride in shifts of one hour, in a loop on two heavily used trails: the Eliza Furnace Trail and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. We’ll ride from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., ensuring we’ll have a lot of numbers to look at–and thus a better picture of air quality on these two trails throughout daily changes in temperature, nearby vehicle traffic, etc.

This data can also be used by policymakers and trail developers in future efforts to reduce air pollution.

At the end of the day, we’ll be raising a pint at Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe. We have great gift bags ready to go and some raffle prizes too. All we need is you!

Please fill out this Doodle poll, giving us your availability. We’ll get in touch with the hour where we need you the most. Make sure you use your email in the Name field, so we can contact you.

Oh, and bring your own bike if you have one–otherwise we’ll happily loan you a clunker.

Contact or 412-924-0604 with any questions, and happy trails!

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