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Residents Show Up in Droves for HECA, GASP Community Update on Erie Coke Corp.

Nearly 100 community members joined Hold Erie Coke Accountable (HECA) and the Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) to learn more about ongoing air quality violations at Erie Coke Works.

The event, held at East Middle School in Erie, featured several speakers, including GASP’s Executive Director Rachel Filippini and staff attorney Ned Mulcahy.

GASP shared information about air quality issues generally—and those affecting Erie Coke Works specifically—as well as some background about the nature and history of environmental violations there.

Joining them were two professors: Mike Campbell Ph.D, a science and biology professor at Mercyhurst, who researches water quality issues and Michelle Homan, Ph.D, a Gannon professor/Environmental Science and Engineering researcher, who tackles air quality concerns.

Both are core members of HECA.

The event garnered tremendous media coverage. Here are some links of interest:

To kick off the evening, HECA shared a video that provided viewers with detailed information about Erie Coke Works, as well as violations at its sister plant in New York—violations that ultimately led to the facility being shuttered.

That video is a must-watch, and can be viewed on the HECA Facebook page.

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