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New Turbines to Significantly Reduce Potential Emissions from Greene County Compressor Station

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We blogged earlier this month about the installation of new equipment at the J.B Tonkin Compressor Station in Murrysville, Westmoreland County, and the significant reductions in that facility’s potential to emit ozone-forming pollutants that will follow.  

This week’s Pennsylvania Bulletin contains similar good news about another compressor station – Texas Eastern Transmission’s Holbrook Compressor Station in Greene County (which is right next to Ryerson Station State Park). 

According to the Bulletin, the Holbrook Compressor Station will swap out 12 existing compressor engines for two low-NOx compressor engines with oxidation catalysts, and will also replace its two existing emergency generators with a single, new natural-gas-fired emergency generator.  

Based on the facility’s Title V Operating Permit and the notice published in the Bulletin, it appears that the facility’s potential to emit NOx will decrease from as much as 1100 tons per year to 140 tons per year, and its potential to emit VOCs will decrease from as much as 116 tons per year to 62 tons per year.  

“It bears mention that the facility’s actual emissions are likely to be a lot less than its permitted potential emissions,” GASP staff attorney John Baillie explained. “Still, Texas Eastern Transmission’s investment in more efficient equipment is a positive step that should help control ozone pollution in downwind areas.”

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