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Making the Connection: The Link Between Pollution & Mental Health Event Recording Now Available

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Good news, everybody: A recording is now available for our recent event, Making the Connection: The Alarming Link Between Pollution & Mental Health.

For those who did not have this event on their radar: Our panel discussion featured the award-winning local investigative journalists – Julie Grant of The Allegheny Front and Kristina Marusic of Environmental Health News – who authored an explosive series exploring the connection between air pollution and mental illness. 

Their investigation into the mental health impacts of air and water pollution in western Pennsylvania found alarming evidence that residents throughout the region are likely suffering changes to their brains due to pollution in the surrounding environment. The reporting also uncovered the growing gap in mental health care as more people are traumatized by worsening climate change.

But we’ll let them tell you more. Check it out:

Editor’s Note: You can – and should – check those stories out here. Powerful stuff! 

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