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Good News! Environmental Quality Board Approves Regs to Reduce Emissions from Oil & Gas Industr

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We have some *good* news to report for once! Pennsylvania’s Environmental Quality Board has approved new regulations aimed at controlling emissions of volatile organic compounds from sources in the oil and natural gas industry.  

We commented on these regulations as they were proposed back in July 2020.  

“The new regulations will require oil and natural gas operators to beef up their leak detection and repair programs at well sites, compressor stations, and storage vessels and also generally require the use of equipment that will reduce VOC emissions,” GASP senior staff attorney John Baillie said. “As a co-benefit, the measures required by the new regulation should also reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas methane from the sources that it covers.”

The EQB-ratified regulations must still be approved by the standing committees for Environmental Resources and Energy of both the Pennsylvania House and Senate, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission, and the Attorney General before they can be published and become effective.

GASP continues to follow this issue closely and will keep you posted.

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