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GASP Observes #BlackOutTuesday, Expresses Support for BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Our hearts hurt. 

The death of George Floyd at the hands of police helped to again lift the veil on how the deck is stacked against America’s black and brown citizens – showcasing (again) how our justice system fails people of color. 

At GASP we want to be clear: We stand with all who are calling for an end to the systemic racism in our justice system, in our police departments, and in our neighborhoods. We stand in solidarity with those who have said, “Enough is enough” and we join them in exclaiming BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Today, we are reflecting on the state of racism in our city, our state and our nation, and how we as individuals and as a nonprofit can advocate and effect positive change not only in the midst of tragedies like the one in Minneapolis but how we can show up every single day as allies.

That’s why GASP will be observing #BlackOutTuesday today.

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