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GASP Joins Rep. Summer Lee, Fellow Advocates to Celebrate Investment in Electric School Buses, Raise Awareness of Funding Opportunity

GASP was honored to stand alongside U.S. Rep. Summer Lee and fellow clean air advocates today to announce a $40 million federal grant awarded to First Student to purchase100 electric school buses that will dramatically improve air quality, advance environmental justice, and combat climate change statewide.

Of the 100 electric buses, 45 will be given to the Pittsburgh Public School District. 

GASP Executive Director Patrick Campbell was there to celebrate the historic investment and encourage other local school districts to apply for funding in light of the deadline being extended to 4 p.m. Feb. 14 so more Pittsburgh schools are able to improve student health by transitioning from diesel buses to electric school buses - each one of which will remove 23 tons of greenhouse gas every year. 

Here are his comments from today's press event:

It’s an honor to be here to celebrate this tremendous investment - because today isn't just about the acquisition of new eclectic school buses; it's about investing in the health of our children and the lungs of our city. 

The investment in electric buses is a turning point. For generations diesel buses have spewed harmful pollutants that hurt public health and drive climate change. But imagine buses that leave no exhaust fumes behind.

Imagine quieter mornings, free from the rumble of diesel engines. That's the reality electric buses bring. Children - particularly those with asthma and respiratory issues - get to experience the joy of quietly getting to school, and without an asthma attack caused by diesel exhaust. This translates to fewer missed school days, improved lung function, and a healthier childhood overall.

Every electric bus on the road means cleaner air for all Pittsburghers - reducing respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and even premature deaths. By embracing electric buses, we are more effective stewards of our environment, leaving a healthier planet for future generations.

This isn't about better health alone; it's about transforming our communities into vibrant places that support a good life. Electric buses are quieter, reducing noise pollution in our neighborhoods. They're more efficient, lowering transportation costs and dependence on fossil fuels. They're a practical symbol of innovation, showcasing Pittsburgh's commitment to a sustainable future.

This is a chance to set an example, proving that cleaner transportation is not only possible, but essential. Especially in environmental justice communities where these buses travel.  It's an investment in our children, our environment, and our future.

Let's embrace this change. Let's celebrate the arrival of these 100 electric buses, not just as vehicles, but as commitment to a healthier, cleaner, and hopeful future for Pittsburgh. 

Thank you.

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