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GASP Encourages Neville Island Residents to Take Advantage of Air Quality Resources, Tools

Our friends at Allegheny County Clean Air Now (ACCAN) have partnered with ROCIS (Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces) to provide residents in the Neville Island airshed with opportunities and resources to improve their indoor air quality. 

ROCIS’s online Low-Cost Monitoring program has cohorts that begin every few months and give residents the opportunity to understand and improve their indoor air quality and protect their family’s health.

ACCAN wants to provide residents on and around Neville Island, especially those who suffer from health issues related to the industrial air pollution, access to resources, and information that can help protect themselves and their loved ones. 

“One of our staff members here at GASP tells us often about the noxious odors that she and her family experience, and about how it’s difficult to tell exactly what she is smelling and experiencing,” GASP Executive Director Patrick Campbell said. “We hope folks on Neville Island who have similar concerns about the air they are breathing will take advantage of the tools and resources at their disposal thanks to our friends at ACCAN and ROCIS.”

Contact ACCAN at for more information about how the partnership between these two organizations can help your family monitor and improve the air quality in their home, often worsened by the industrial sources outside.

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