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Deadline to Submit Public Comment on Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Quickly Approaching

Updated: Feb 22

The state Environmental Quality Board (EQB) will accept written comments on Pennsylvania’s possible entry into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative through Jan. 14 – so it’s not too late to submit a public comment in support of the initiative.

As we’ve said: The Proposed Rulemaking deserves every Pennsylvanian’s support because it will help reduce air pollution, improve public health, and begin to address the problem of global warming brought on by CO2 emissions from sources in Pennsylvania.

You can find out everything you need to know about RGGI here.

Know you want to support RGGI but not sure exactly what to say? We’ve included some sample language below to use as a guide – copy and paste it or use it as a guide on the form below to have your comments automatically routed to the EQB:

Editor's Note: The deadline to submit a comment has passed. Thank you to all who weighed in.

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