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By the Numbers: How GASP Will Put Your Giving Tuesday Donation to Work for All of Us

We know that you’ve probably received DOZENS of emails and have seen even more social media posts from local nonprofits asking for your support this Giving Tuesday - and GASP is among them.

Our pitch is short and sweet: Please consider supporting the local clean air movement by making a tax-deductible donation to GASP today. Every dollar given goes directly to fuel our air quality watchdog work, education initiatives, and progressive policy activism.

Yes, our air quality has improved since the ‘Burgh’s “hell with its lid off” days but air pollution (especially from industry sources) is still a huge public health issue - one GASP has the expertise and experience to help solve.

When it comes to air pollution, its local impact, and how GASP can help, we have a few numbers for you to consider:

100 - The number of blogs we’ve published so far this year to keep you informed and up-to-date about all things air quality.

93 - The number of times so far this year that Pennsylvania’s 24-hour concentration of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at the Allegheny County Health Department’s Liberty monitor exceeded the state standard. GASP has worked for years to get ACHD to identify the source of the H2S problem (which they did in a study showing U.S. Steel’s Clairton Coke Works operations were to blame for years of exceedances) and to fix what’s causing them. While ACHD fined U.S. Steel millions for those exceedances, the company appealed and the case is now winding its way through the system. In the meantime, our region has most recently experienced 12 straight days of stench and exceedances. We continue to fight for transparency and improved communications from ACHD - please know donations made to GASP will go directly to these watchdog efforts:

22.5 - The percentage of elementary school children in environmental justice communities like Clairton and Braddock that have asthma (that’s more than three times the national average).

10 - The number of virtual and in-person workshops GASP hosted across seven counties educating municipal and elected leaders about air quality regulations, sources, and resources so they can better serve residents working for cleaner air in their communities.

2 - The number of full-time attorneys GASP has on staff to lead our watchdog work, ensure permits are as strong as possible, and analyze air quality data and communicate it in a way people can actually understand. So far this year, they have provided technical comments for 20 air quality permits.

1 - The number of permits - U.S. Steel’s Clairton Coke Works’ Title V - GASP successfully petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to reject for being insufficient to meet air quality standards. It was a major win for residents and local air quality. The permit is now in the hands of Allegheny County Health Department, which must include a compliance schedule and make other changes to make the permit stronger.

$499,781 - The amount of an EPA grant supporting GASP and partner organizations for a multi-year air quality monitoring project that will help fill gaps in the regulatory monitoring network and allow residents to better understand what’s in their local air.

We hope those numbers add up to just one simple decision: To support GASP with a Giving Tuesday donation today. You can make a donation through our website, by sending a check to 1133 S Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218, or by phone (just email our office manager Kathy at with your phone number and the best time to contact you).

Yours for Clean Air,

Executive Director Patrick Campbell & President Jonathan Nadle

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