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GASP Encourages Residents to Take Allegheny County Health Department Community Health Survey

Have yinz taken Allegheny County Health Department’s a community health survey yet? If not, what are you waiting for?  

For the uninitiated: The community health survey for residents covers a variety of topics such as health care access, chronic disease, health risk behaviors, environment, maternal and child health, and mental health and substance use disorder. 

ACHD said the survey results will inform it on its progress toward the goals laid out in the Plan for a Healthier Allegheny, a multi-year countywide plan that focuses on physical, behavioral, and environmental health across the county.  

"Results from this survey will help the Allegheny County Health Department better understand the health needs of our community," said Dr. LuAnn Brink, deputy director for the Allegheny County Health Department Bureau of Data, Reporting & Disease Control. "When Allegheny County residents participate in this survey, it helps us gather the information we need to plan for and take action to improve health equity and ensure that we have a healthier Allegheny County for all."

The Public Health Assessment Survey is a web-based survey that is focused on achieving broad and diverse participation among county residents. The survey is compatible with smart phones and will remain open through April 2024. 

“We hope residents take this opportunity to tell the new administration what a healthier Allegheny looks like to them, to their families, and in their communities,” GASP Executive Director Patrick Campbell said.

ACHD hopes to have 3,000 participants from the county's population of almost 1 million adults. Let’s help them get there, fill out the survey here

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