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  • UPDATED: Erie Coke Corp. Shutting Down Operations

    Erie Coke Corp. has shut down operations at its bay-front facility, according to news reports. It was never the intent of HECA, Hold Erie Coke Accountable, to close the Erie Coke plant. community, giving Erie Coke many opportunities to be in compliance. Erie Coke to find new opportunities as soon as possible. Erie Coke closes plant down unexpectedly/Department of Environmental Protection weighs in on Erie Coke

  • DEP Issues Administrative Order Against Erie Coke Following Wastewater Release

    The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on April 1 issued an administrative order to Erie Coke According to the agency, Erie Coke committed several violations during the repair of the tank and the The DEP order also noted that the Erie Coke can appeal the issue to the Environmental Hearing Board. First: Although DEP “inspected the facility and Erie Coke was repairing the SPR Tank” on March 19, how Additionally, DEP’s order cited “Erie Coke’s failure to tightness test the SPR Tank” after the April

  • DEP Announces Start of Investigation at Former Erie Coke Property

    Coke Inc. property located at 925 E. For the uninitiated: After Erie Coke shut down in December 2019, DEP successfully sought a court order to freeze $1 million of Erie Coke’s finances for use of removing waste from the site. The EPA expects removal actions at the former Erie Coke property to be completed in October. GASP staff worked diligently with the community group Holding Erie Coke Accountable during the last year

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