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(UPDATED) PRESS RELEASE: DEP Issues Four Notice of Violation Letters to Erie Coke Corp.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Editor’s Note: The state Department of Environmental Protection issued another Notice of Violation to Erie Coke Works on June 25 for fugitive emissions.

Media Contact:

Amanda Gillooly

Communications Manager

Group Against Smog and Pollution


DEP Issues Four Notices of Violation to Erie Coke Corporation

ERIE – So far this month, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has sent four formal Notice of Violation (NOV) letters to Erie Coke Corporation addressing emissions and other issues at its East Avenue facility that stretch back through October of last year.

Taken together, the letters address violations dealing with daily oven opacity exceedances, excess fugitive emissions, visible stack emissions, and failing to properly operate a host of air pollution control equipment.

DEP has not issued a press release discussing the NOVs or provide further details related to the flurry of activity.

Meanwhile, Erie Coke Monday appealed a decision by DEP to place the company on its Compliance Docket, an action that would greatly restrict Erie Coke Corporation’s ability to get any new or expanded state permit.  

According to DEP’s May 9 letter, the Compliance Docket determination was made due to a list of unresolved violations dating back to June 2017 and “Erie Coke Corporation’s lack of intention or ability” to address them.

The Notice of Appeal filed Monday stated that Erie Coke has “already rectified and resolved the regulatory violations listed (in DEP’s May 9 letter) with only minor potential exceptions.”  

With so much happening this week and nothing official from DEP, there is concern among those keeping an eye on Erie Coke.

“While we are glad to see the DEP is paying attention to violations occurring at Erie Coke, the community needs more details about the nature of the violations and what information Erie Coke has provided to the DEP,” said Rachel Filippini, executive director of the Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP), a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that is assisting local advocacy group Hold Erie Coke Accountable (HECA).


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