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Stay Outside for 10 Straight Days

Ready for a ten-day weekend?  With warm weather finally here, jump right into the season with all that Great Outdoors Week offers.  From May 13 through May 22, Pittsburgh will be popping with outdoor activities.  You can start by running the marathon, or at least cheering the runners on.  Then jump in a dragon boat or try fly fishing or rock climbing.  Finish out the week by joining over 2,000 others in cycling all over the city for Pedal Pittsburgh.

Great Outdoors Week promotes outdoor recreation as part of a healthy and sustainable community, and we’re happy to be part of it.  The more you love the outdoors, the more you’ll realize you need clean air to enjoy it in.  You can find GASP at the Venture Outdoors Festival on Saturday, May 21.  Learn more about all of the activities by clicking

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