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Snapshot: The One Where Pittsburgh Puppet Radio Features GASP

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Air quality and…puppets? Yes and yes!

GASP was proud to be among the guests this past Friday at Glitter Box Theater on Melwood Avenue for the second episode of Pittsburgh Puppet Radio—one that centered on the subject of air quality in our region.

The show featured puppets and orchestration by Dave English, music by Middle Children, and participation from some of the most fascinating denizens of this the steeliest of cities. As promised, there was weird experimental music, dancing puppets, local politicians, scientists, artists, maniacs, party tricks, and other fun stuff.

Our executive director, Rachel Filippini, said she had a blast at being interviewed by host (and puppet) Mr. Funfangles.

“This was unlike any other air quality event I’ve been a part of,” she said. “It was such a blast.”

You can learn more about Pittsburgh Puppet Radion on its Facebook page.   

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