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  • DEP Issues Three More Notice of Violation Letters to Erie Coke Corp.

    Coke Corp. Visible fugitive air contaminants of greater than 20 percent opacity were observed escaping from the coke-side Then on July 9, DEP inspectors observed fugitive particulate matter emissions visible outside Erie Coke Here are the associated links: DEP Issues New Violation Notices to Erie Coke, DEP Posts 3 More Violations Against Erie Coke, Erie News Now #TitleVoperatingpermit #noticeofviolation #ErieCokeCorp

  • Residents Show Up in Droves for HECA, GASP Community Update on Erie Coke Corp.

    Nearly 100 community members joined Hold Erie Coke Accountable (HECA) and the Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) to learn more about ongoing air quality violations at Erie Coke Works. “Citizens Group Holds Public Meeting About Erie Coke,” from “Hold Erie Coke Accountable Host Community Meeting Regarding Erie Coke,” from To kick off the evening, HECA shared a video that provided viewers with detailed information about Erie Coke Works, as well as violations

  • HECA, Community Members Rally Support for DEP’s Enforcement Actions Against Erie Coke Corp.

    Photo courtesy of HECA Members of the community group Hold Erie Coke Accountable rallied alongside concerned It also comes in the wake of news that Erie Coke Corp. made a $3.1 million settlement offer to the DEP—one We must hold Erie Coke accountable!” Coke Action, Erie Coke Hearing Continues, Erie News Now Inspector: June Violation at Erie at Erie Coke Plant “Alarming,” Erie Coke’s Environmental Director Takes Stand in Day Four

  • Erie Coke Corp., DEP Lay Out Arguments In Advance of Environmental Hearing Board Proceeding

    Coke’s primary asset – its two batteries of coke ovens – thereby forcing Erie Coke out of business, Erie Coke Works attorneys wrote: “Erie Coke will lack authorization for emissions from its coke facility Coke Corp. , Erie Coke, DEP Spar Over Health Risks, Erie Coke Proposes $3.1 Million Settlement Coke, Erie News Now #coke #ErieCokeCorp #TitleVPermit #DEP #PetitionforSupersedeas #EnvironmentalHearingBoard

  • UPDATED: DEP Denies Erie Coke Operating Permit; Files For Injunction to Close Plant Following Numero

    DEP gave Erie Coke many opportunities over the years to clean up its act, which Erie Coke repeatedly Erie coke also paid a fine of $4 million. On Feb. 4, 2019, DEP issued an order to Erie Coke requiring Erie Coke to complete an investigation into Moves to Shut Down Erie Coke Plant, Citing Violations,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “Erie Coke Denied Operating “Erie Community Weighs in on Possible Erie Coke Shutdown,” Erie News Now “Coke Plant: State Shutdown

  • Erie Coke Appeals DEP Denial of Title V Operating Permit Renewal, Calls Compliance Docket Placement

    Erie coke from HECA Erie Coke Corp. on Tuesday filed an appeal of the decision by the Department of Environmental In court paperwork filed with the Environmental Hearing Board, Erie Coke’s legal counsel, a Pittsburgh Coke has commenced to bear fruit locally.” to Deny Operating Permit,” Erie News Now “Erie Coke: Plant Closure Would Cause ‘Irreperable Damage,’ ” GASP has been working with citizens group Hold Erie Coke Accountable (HECA).

  • Erie Coke, DEP to Begin Arguments Wednesday Over Whether Company Can Continue to Operate Pending Per

    destroy Erie Coke’s primary asset – its two batteries of coke ovens – thereby forcing Erie Coke out of to stay open for the duration of Erie Coke’s appeal proceedings. why the EHB should prevent Erie Coke from continuing to operate. during the period when any supersedeas is in effect because Erie Coke’s operation of the coke oven and “Erie Coke Plant Allowed to Continue Operations,” “Erie Coke Plant to Keep Operating Pending

  • Your Year-End Charitable Donation to GASP Will Help Fund 2020 Air Quality Advocacy, Education &

    Steel’s Clairton Coke Works. In the wake of a 2018 Christmas Eve fire at Clairton Coke Works that knocked out crucial pollution control this year at the Joint PA Senate and House Democratic Policy Committee Hearing on US Steel Clairton Coke We held a press conference earlier this fall urging the health department to revise the County’s coke Coke Accountable (HECA) do just that: Keep Erie Coke Corp. accountable for its track record of environmental

  • UPDATED: GASP Lauds Finalization of EPA Rule to Slash Toxic Emissions of Ethylene Oxide & Reduce Cancer Risk

    ., in Zelienople, Butler County, and Cosmed Group LLC/Erie in the City of Erie. “This is a win for residents in Zelienople, Erie, and beyond living near these sterilization facilities

  • With Grant Deadline Extended, There’s No Excuse for ACHD NOT to Seek Air Toxics Monitoring Funding

    More About the Grant Program & Why it has Benzene Monitoring at Clairton Coke Written all Over it. Coke’s facility this past summer.  The monitoring came in the wake of several enforcement actions that required Erie Coke to address numerous Monitor sites were placed in 13 locations along the perimeter of the Erie Coke facility and at four locations ACHD simply must develop a plan to monitor benzene near Clairton Coke.

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