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RECORDING: GASP Air Quality Educational Workshop for Elected Officials Now Available for Residents

At GASP, we aim to be a resource for EVERYONE to better understand and take action on critical air quality issues specific to their neighborhoods.

Thanks to a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), we’ve been able to ramp up these efforts even more: GASP crafted an educational primer for elected officials that explores everything from air quality sources, regulations, and regulators to grant funding opportunities and community resources.

But it's not JUST for elected officials - we want to make it available for everyone:

We also took our environmental educational advocacy on the road, hosting air quality workshops in Allegheny and surrounding counties for local elected and municipal officials. Our hope? That these boot camps will help equip our local leaders with the info and resources they need to represent you on the air quality front better.

Now, we’re making the recording of that presentation available to EVERYONE. We hope the information presented in the primer and via the workshop recording can help equip folks with the knowledge and resources they need to be more effective air quality watchdogs and changemakers in their communities.

"We know so many of our members are active in their communities and regularly attend municipal and school board meetings," GASP educator Laura Kuster said. "We hope this primer helps them be better advocates and we encourage them to share these resources with their local elected officials."

Check it out:

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