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Please Consider GASP to Help Improve Local Air Quality This Day of Giving on Oct. 3

Updated: Feb 29

The Pittsburgh Foundation’s amazing Day of Giving is this Wednesday, October 3. Donations given on this day will be added to by the Pittsburgh Foundation from a pool of $750,000. Learn more by clicking here.

Your gift will allow us to continue reducing diesel pollution in the region.  GASP helped lead the effort which culminated in the City of Pittsburgh’s passage of Clean Construction legislation. 

The law requires developers working on large projects receiving at least $250K in public subsidies to use some portion of cleaner diesel construction equipment on the job. 

We also collaborated with UPMC and PNC to pass clean construction policies at their institutions.

Financial support lets us keep reviewing air permits for Allegheny County and beyond.  Recent work has led to lower levels of manganese emissions from a rail parts manufacturer and less NOx and VOCs from Marcellus compressor stations.

How will your charitable giving help us improve local air quality? Your donation gives us the resources to use air monitors at homes where odors and emissions from wood-burning or shale gas drilling are a concern, to train citizen Smoke Readers to make smoke-stack observations, and to track particulate matter levels from bicycle-mounted air monitors.

Please, visit  to learn more about this exciting opportunity, and support GASP’s efforts to combat air pollution to improve regional air quality this Day of Giving.

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