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PA Affordable Housing, PPG Paints Arena & Others Subject to Air Quality Enforcement Action, Fines

At GASP, we hope to be your eyes and ears when it comes to all things air quality. And we think it’s especially important to spotlight local air quality enforcement activity so residents can be aware of what types of infractions are taking place in their communities.

That’s why part of GASP’s watchdog work includes monitoring and reporting on the air quality violations the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) periodically posts to its website.

ACHD took enforcement action recently against:

PPG Paints Arena (formerly Consol Energy Center) on Jan. 13 for failing to renew its minor source operating permit, which expired on Oct. 24, 2018.

The enforcement order indicates that PPG Paints Arena officials have failed to respond to repeated requests for information related to its permit renewal. The Jan. 10 enforcement order states:

PPG Paints Arena Representatives have failed to respond to four requests to submit their minor source renewal permit application. Additionally, PPG Paints Arena Representatives have failed to respond to two requests for required reports and other documentation. Furthermore, PPG Paints Arena Representatives are required to submit the requested application, reports, and documentation, regardless of whether ACHD Representatives requested them.

PPG Paints Arena had seven days to respond to ACHD’s order. No further information was available on the ACHD website on this enforcement order, which can be read in full here.

Pittsburgh Allegheny County Thermal, on Jan. 10 for failing to submit its Title V Certificate of Compliance, which was due on May 30. The enforcement order indicates the company submitted the certificate on Dec. 31 upon request from ACHD.

ACHD assessed a $1,080 civil penalty for the records-keeping violation. You can read the full enforcement order here.

The PA Affordable Housing Corp. on Jan. 10 for open burning violations for which it was assessed a $1,200 civil penalty. According to the enforcement order, the illegal burning took place at a residence the nonprofit owns located at 536 E. Garden Road in Brentwood.

According to the order, PA Affordable Housing Corp. failed to burn only seasoned dry wood. The size of the fire also exceeded a volume of 3 feet x3 feet x2 feet high, which violates county regulations.

ACHD also said PA Affordable Housing Corp. failed to have a responsible person on site tending the fire.

Here’s what ACHD said happened:

On Friday, June 3, 2022, ACHD Air Quality Representatives performed an investigation regarding open burning at 536 E. Garden Road. ACHD representatives found the Brentwood Fire Department on the scene extinguishing an oversized fire of logs and trash, approximately 10 feet width x 10 feet length x 2 feet height in size. During the discussion with the Brentwood police officer and fire department, the officials stated that they responded to a similar event on Wednesday evening, June 1, 2022, when they extinguished two oversized, unattended fires, one 6 feet x 6 feet and one 8 feet x 8 feet at the same address.

According to the order, ACHD on June 9 visited the office of PA Affordable Housing and spoke with Shawn Taylor. Inspectors explained the visit was regarding an open burning complaint, showed him photos from the fires in question, and explained county regulations.

PA Affordable Housing Corp. has 30 days to appeal the order.

ACHD also took enforcement action against three local companies for asbestos abatement-related violations. They include:

Chanticleer Unit Owners Association and Burns & Scalo were issued a stop-work order Oct. 25, 2022, for failing to obtain the required asbestos survey prior to starting renovation work at a property located at 53 Highland Road in Bethel Park.

ACHD ordered the companies to provide a “thorough asbestos report” by a licensed contractor, conduct testing of construction material to determine if asbestos-containing material was present, and provide waste manifests for material already removed from the site.

Chanticleer Unit Owners Association and Burns & Scalo had seven days to submit the required documentation. No further information is available about the order, which can be viewed here.

ACHD issued a warning letter to Kane Specialty Group on Nov. 28 advising the company that it was in violation of county asbestos-abatement regulations. According to the letter, the employee who oversaw the asbestos abatement at 1817 Banksville Road failed to maintain his asbestos building inspector/supervisor license, which had expired in October 2022.

A similar warning letter was issued to Todd Cioppa, Vasyl Khymiak, and their company Titon Holdings for violating the county’s asbestos-abatement regulations. During an inspection of renovation work completed at 300 Sixth Ave Pittsburgh, ACHD determined that Cioppa and Khymiak were not certified by the state Department of Labor and Industry; their licenses expired in October 2022.

Editor’s Note: You can learn more about asbestos and Allegheny County Health Department’s abatement regulations here.

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