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In Short: Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

Seriously, though. Yinz ARE the best. Thanks to all of the social media shares, likes, and donations you all helped raise more than $2,700 for GASP's air quality watchdog efforts - exceeding our goal of $2,500!!!

We wanted to share this word of thanks from our executive director, Patrick Campbell:

"GASP was founded 54 ago by ordinary people sick of extraordinarily bad air quality and we think it's so fitting that today, our watchdog efforts are still being led by ordinary people who care extraordinarily about improving the air we all breathe. Thank you so much for your support - on Giving Tuesday and every day of the year. We truly appreciate everyone who supports GASP and the clean air movement, whether it's been through a donation, a social media like or share, or a signature on one of our petitions."

Editor's Note: If you missed Giving Tuesday, but would like to support GASP's work, here's the link!

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