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Exploring the Carrie Furnaces

Updated: Feb 29

GASP recently took the group of SCA Green Cities Fellows that are working in Pittsburgh this year on a tour of the Carrie Furnace iron-making site in Rankin.

The tour was led by Ron B., a very knowledgeable guide from Rivers of Steel Heritage Corp.

We learned about the process of iron making (coke + limestone + iron ore) as well as a hundred fascinating tidbits that made the mill come to life for us–everything from explaining how “old-time” workers wore only leathers and wet burlap to protect themselves from the heat and splashing molten iron coming from the furnaces to showing us where film crews for “Out of the Furnace” affixed foam “concrete” to a wall for a fight scene filmed there.

Do this tour as soon as you can, and ask for Ron to be your guide. 

Tell ’em GASP sent you.

Walking between the machinery, feeling pretty small.

We didn’t get to go everywhere that we wanted to….

Looking up and feeling even tinier.

At the foot of the furnace, where the molten iron poured out.

Got to keep everything written down.

Standing where entire rail cars of raw materials were lifted and dumped.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the giant deer head sculpture made w/ on-site materials.

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