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Do You Know a School that Needs the EPA School Flag Program?

Students: Looking to increase air pollution awareness at your school, or spark sustainability efforts?

Parents: Want your children to know more about air pollution, how they can protect themselves from exposure to poor air quality, and how they can reduce it?

Teachers: Need a hands-on activity and a ton of air quality content?

Then participate in the EPA School Flag Program! This program uses colored flags that correspond with the Air Quality Index to inform students, teachers, and communities about air quality conditions.

Youth are more affected by air pollution than adults, due to their developing lungs, larger lungs-to-body weight ratio, and higher levels of activity. Simply knowing when air quality is forecast to be poor can help protect them.

In this program, teachers are given colored flags, a banner, guidance throughout the program, and an activity handbook including sample lesson plans and ideas to increase engagement.

Join the other schools in Southwestern PA and 26 states and bring this program to your campus. To learn more, visit this link or contact Jessica at or at 412-924-0604 x207.

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